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Surf's Up Allows 365 Days of Surfing with Retractable Roof

New Hampshire is a hidden gem in the world of surfing, boasting a 13-mile coastline that serves up some of the best surf breaks in the entire northeastern United States. This favorable geography has inspired a local legion of die-hard surfers, who are so passionate about the sport that they often brave frigid water, angry storms and unpredictable waves, all to get their fix of surfing in the winter months. However, New Hampshire surfers have recently been granted a more comfortable, predictabl

Bring Your Old Content Back From the Brink of Death

The future has arrived. Not the sort of future with flying cars and teleportation, but rather, the sort of future with mad scientists experimenting with mortality. A controversial new procedure is currently being performed on animals, which brings them back from the dead. Crazy, right? The animal has no heartbeat, no brain activity and no blood coursing through its veins. This state of affair lasts for hours or days on end. And yet, once scientist Peter Rhee warms the corpse back up and reinst

Investing in Toronto Condos: How Do You Turn a Profit? | Blog

With the prices of detached homes in Toronto skyrocketing, would-be residential property buyers are flocking to the condo market as a more affordable alternative. Yet, affordability doesn’t necessarily translate into value-for-money. Some investors seem to have forgotten this, and are blindly buying into the Toronto condo market without doing the proper due diligence. So, are downtown Toronto condos really a good investment? That’s a matter of opinion, of course. Without a crystal ball, all o

Innovative Firms are Making Canada Greener | Social Media

As the country thaws after the snowiest and coldest winter in decades, finding ways to reduce energy bills is top of mind. The persistent and harsh winter weather experienced by Canadians in 2014 has dampened the morale of households and businesses alike, as their budgets are being stretched by soaring heating bills. Unfortunately, the stretching is set to continue. Enbridge has citizens in uproar after the announcement that they will seek approval from Ontario Regulators to raise natural gas

Putting your way to Profits | Blog

It’s a means to get business deals done. And it may be more important now than ever before. In today’s hyper-connected world, where e-mail, text messaging, LinkedIn and other social media have made it easier than ever to communicate with your clients, there can be a temptation to manage your relationships virtually. Yet face-to-face interaction will always be king. Which is why a four hour stint on a golf-course, traversing greens, fairways and bunkers remains one of the best ways to get to kn

Introduces Bold New Logo and User-Friendly Website

Burlington, ON (7 August 2014): Etratech Inc., a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced electronic controls and control systems for major multinational companies, today introduced a bold new logo and website. The refreshed look for the Ontario-based firm represents a new stage in the 25-year old company’s growth and development. The vibrant orange logo reflects the bright future the company envisions. The clean, updated and mobile-friendly website features an improv

The 17 SEO Resources You Need Become an SEO God

If you ask 10 different marketing professionals how to rank highly on Google’s search engine results pages (“SERPs”), you’ll get 10 different answers. While this lack of consensus makes the marketing industry look extremely fragmented, the phenomenon has a good reason for existing. Blame Google. You see, Google’s search algorithm is an extremely complex mathematical formula which draws on over 200 variables. It uses these variables to meticulously rank websites; to decide who the “kings of the

Designing Your Office for Collaboration | Blog

A carefully thought out redesign of your workspace might just be the subtle difference to take your firm from good to great. However, refurbishing your office so the physical space helps efficiency can be tricky. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks to turn your quiet, cubicle-riddled office into a place where relationships are made and people are encouraged to share their ideas. Don’t believe me? Just ask the founders of one of the world’s most admired companies, Google. Larry Page and Serg

RankHigher at Google Partners Event

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their “Google Partners” campaign, Google Canada invited RankHigher.ca to an exclusive event in downtown Toronto. At their launch event last year, RankHigher.ca was honoured to be hand-picked by Google to be one of the first 30 Google Partners in the world.  Google awarded us this prestigious position  because we were one of the top performing digital marketing agencies in all of Canada.  They were impressed by the enormous business growth we were able to

Entering Its 25th Year, OpenAire Continues to Grow Its Portfolio of Custom Designed Retractable Roofs and Operable Skylights

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO (PRWeb – October 28, 2014) – OpenAire Inc., the world’s premier designer, manufacturer and installer of custom retractable roof enclosures and operable skylights, is approaching the quarter-century mark. The company is entering its 25th year with a number of high-profile retractable roof projects in the works, including an atrium-style roof for a popular Michigan waterpark, a stylish enclosure for the Junior Olympic-sized pool at the Ontario Racquet Club, and sleek aquatic cove

Three Non-Financial Benefits of Outsourcing Customs Brokerage Services

Some corporate executives outsource their customs clearances solely for the cost savings. Cost savings are achieved through “labour arbitrage” – taking advantage of the fact that developing countries such as India and China have a lower cost of living, meaning workers will perform the same job, but at a reduced wage. However, less quantifiable, but equally valid reasons for outsourcing are often overlooked. In fact, three of the most compelling reasons to outsource customs clearance come about

Outsmarting Fraudulent Moving Companies | Blog

In the process of business expansion, Canadian entrepreneurs are often forced to relocate to new offices. Even when everything goes to plan, studies have shown that moving is one of the greatest stresses we encounter during our lives. In fact, it is said to be more stressful than divorce settlements and unemployment, playing second fiddle only to losing a relative! So, the last thing any business owner needs is to get caught up in a moving company scam in the process. Fraudulent moving compan
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